Version History

Version 2.5

Major Update: Now compatible with Windows 7

Major Update: 32bit and 64bit available

Version 2.2

Major Update: The addition of the preview led to a bug I somehow missed making it crash everytime you loaded a saved puzzle. FUN huh :P. This has been fixed, hopefully totally and without creating new bugs after seeing this gross an error I rushed the fixed ver out tonight even though it's 1am :)~

Version 2.1

Major Update: Adding Preview of Puzzle.

Major Update: Changed options page to allow puzzles with more pieces.

Minor Update: Tweaked drawing code so things should be a bit faster.

Version 2.0

Well its been over 2 years since version 1.3.88 was released. Version 2 has been completely rewritten from scatch in C#. over a year ago.ya go folks, Enjoy! :)

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